Development of Buckwheat Cookies Supplemented with Wheat Flour

  • Nisar Hussain
  • Javid Ullah
  • Ehsan Elahi
  • Sajjad Ahmad
  • Muhammad Zakaria
  • Murtaza A
  • Saeed Ahmed
  • Zelle Huma
  • Nazeer Ahmed
Keywords: buckwheat cookies, chemical quality, sensory quality, wheat flour


The present study was conducted to develop buckwheat cookies supplemented with wheat flour.
Buckwheat and wheat flour were examined for their proximate composition. Buckwheat flour contained
11.6% moisture, 15.79% crude protein, 1.81% crude fat, 1.83% ash, 0.70% crude fibre content and 68.27%
NFE, while wheat flour contained moisture content 13.12%, crude fibre content 1.93%, crude fat 1.42%,
crude protein content 12.53%, ash content 1.57% and 69.43% NFE, respectively. Wheat flour was incor-
porated into buckwheat flour at 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50% ratio to make composite flour and the developed
cookies were analysed for quality evaluation. Supplementation of wheat flour significantly influenced the
proximate and mineral composition of buckwheat flour based cookies. Moisture contents, crude fibre
contents and NFE (Nitrogen Free Extract) increased, whereas crude fat, crude protein and ash contents
decreased. Mineral contents (Fe, Ca, K, Zn and Mg) of developed buckwheat cookies decreased with
increase in wheat flour supplementation levels. Sensory characteristics of supplemented cookies increased
with increase in supplementation levels of wheat flour and were acceptable by judges in terms of test,
colour, texture and overall acceptability. Cookies developed from C 50% C supplementation level of wheat
flour got maximum scored points while C0 control C0 was found to be more nutritious and gluten free
having more crude protein and mineral contents when compared to supplemented cookies.

Author Biography

Nisar Hussain

Department of Food Science and Technology, Faculty of Nutrition Science,
PCSIR Laboratory, Skardu, Pakistan

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Hussain, N., Ullah, J., Elahi, E., Ahmad, S., Zakaria, M., A, M., Ahmed, S., Huma, Z., & Ahmed, N. (2017). Development of Buckwheat Cookies Supplemented with Wheat Flour. Biological Sciences - PJSIR, 60(1), 27-35.