Review Epigenetic Alterations and their Dietary Backgrounds

Review: Genome - Diet Interaction


  • Rani Saira Saleem Institute of Biochemistry and Biotechnology, University of Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan
  • Rani Wafa Shear Biotechnology Department, University of Gujrat, Pakistan



epigenetics, genome diet, methylation, DNA sequence, eukaryotes


The key intention of this review is to summarize the different studies which relate the genome-diet interactions with future perspectives of exploring an insight into the well defined functions of diverse micronutrients and other dietary components that play a vital task in defining the early developmental patterns of an organism. Human fetus development is a complex process that is totally dependent on the dietary components which interact with the genes to regulate the different proliferation and differentiation stages. We want to explore those complex interactions that lay hidden between micro-nutrients and gene expressions but are means of the apparent changes of a phenotype of an individual. Along with this the review will also perceive some basics of development of certain diseases as well, due to these complex genome-diet interactions thus leading to refine the dietary outlines for maternal and prenatal develop- mental stages in future. Research has also shown that genome-diet interactions are very complex as without proper nutrients the end result is the genome instability which may lead to chronic diseases, developmental defects  and certain types of cancer.




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Saleem, R. S., & Shear, R. W. (2018). Review Epigenetic Alterations and their Dietary Backgrounds: Review: Genome - Diet Interaction. Biological Sciences - PJSIR, 61(3), 172–181.