Development and Quality Evaluation of Banana Mushroom Blended Jam

  • Ishfaq Ahmed
  • Mati Ullah Khan
  • Ihsan Mabood Qazi
  • Shermat Ullah Ullah
  • Arsalan Khan
  • Suraiya Jamal
Keywords: banana, mushroom, jam, storage time, physicochemical properties, sensory properties


The effect of various blends of banana (B) and mushroom (M) as well as storage time on the
overall quality characteristics of jam at ambient temperature were studied for three months of storage
period. All the treatments were analysed for physicochemical properties (total soluble solids (°Brix), pH,
reducing sugars (%), non-reducing sugars (%), ascorbic acid (mg/100 g) and percent acidity) and sensory
properties (taste, colour, texture and overall acceptability). Significant (P < 0.05) increase were examined
in total soluble solids (67.94-69.78 °brix), percent acidity (0.71-0.87%) and reducing sugars (18.17-29.33%)
during the storage period. While, significant (P < 0.05) reduction in pH (3.45 to 3.26), non reducing sugars
(44.90-30.83%), ascorbic acid (7.81 to 5.52 mg/100 g), colour (7.34 to 4.84), taste (7.27 to 4.51), texture
(7.06 to 4.60) and overall acceptability (7.17 to 4.69) were observed. Physicochemical and sensory analyses
showed that jam prepared from BM6 (400 g banana + 600 g mushroom + 1kg sugar + 2 g citric acid) was
of good quality attributes among the treatments.

Author Biography

Ishfaq Ahmed

Department of Food Science and Technology, The University of Agriculture, Peshawar, Pakistan

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Ahmed, I., Khan, M. U., Qazi, I. M., Ullah, S. U., Khan, A., & Jamal, S. (2017). Development and Quality Evaluation of Banana Mushroom Blended Jam. Biological Sciences - PJSIR, 60(1), 11-18.