Control of Avian Coccidiosis: Present and Future Strategies for Natural Alternatives of Therapeutics

  • Muhammad Mansoor
  • Muhammad Jamil
  • Arsalan Khan
  • Rizwan ul Haq
  • Fawad Anwar
Keywords: coccidiosis, natural alternatives, poultry, probiotics, herbal extracts


Avian coccidiosis has great economic impacts on poultry enterprise. Coccidiosis is caused by
Eimeria species mostly affecting epithelium of the birds intestines causing enteric problems. Prominent
clinical outcomes are bloody diarrhoea, poor FCR, weight gain and growth rate with high morbidity and
mortality rate. For the control of coccidiosis various strategies have been adapted including chemical
agents and feed additives. But due to their repeated use, drug resistance to Eimeria species emerged thus
badly affecting their efficacy. Moreover, these chemical agents have adverse effects on birds health and
meat quality. Therefore, alternatives are used nowadays including natural and herbal products having the
desired efficacy without harmful effects. Natural products and their anticoccidial activity have been
reviewed in this study. This group comprises herbal extracts, fatty acids, fungal extracts, probiotics and
immune response immunomodulators with proven anticoccidial activity. Additionally, poultry industry
and economic cost of coccidiosis as well as classical strategies used in the control of avian coccidiosis are
also reviewed.

Author Biography

Muhammad Mansoor

Arid Zone Research Centre-PARC, Dera Ismail Khan - 29050, Pakistan

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Mansoor, M., Jamil, M., Khan, A., ul Haq, R., & Anwar, F. (2018). Control of Avian Coccidiosis: Present and Future Strategies for Natural Alternatives of Therapeutics. Biological Sciences - PJSIR, 60(1), 49-62.

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